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Don’t Wait! Get Your Free Commercial Snow Removal Estimate Now

St. Louis Lawn Care offers commercial snow removal and salt services for the St. Louis area. Our team of professionals are dedicated to safety and responsibility and aim to give our clients a piece of mind when it comes to snow removal. When winter storms hit, you need a snow removal service you can count […]

Easiest Plants to Care for During St. Louis High Heat Temps

In St. Louis, the summer months can bring hot and humid weather, which can be challenging for many plants and flowers. However, there are some hardy and drought-tolerant options that are relatively easy to care for during high heat conditions. Here are some suggestions: Remember to provide adequate water to newly planted flowers until they […]

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Lawn Season has Started in St. Louis

This week we started our first application of fertilizer for the 2011 season. This application of fertilizer contains a pre-emergent that controls the crabgrass and other unwanted grassy weeds. The first spring application of fertilizer will green up your lawn and it provides nutrients to your grass as it comes out of the dormancy state. […]

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Landscaping and Lawn care is #1 and #2 in 10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Today on the front page of they had an article titled 10 Easy Ways to Increase You Homes Curb Appeal. This list had landscaping and lawn at the number one and two spots on the list. And they are right, there is nothing that can improve how the outside and presentation of your house […]

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The lawns are turning green and bulbs are starting to pop out of the ground

I can see the lawns around the St. Louis area starting to green up. This is a sign that we are starting lawn season. Before you know it the grass will be growing faster than you can mow it. Your landscaping will be blooming and it is important that you keep up with the maintenance […]

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The warm weather in St. Louis has everyone thinking about their lawn and landscaping

Now is the time to get your lawn care service and landscaping service set up for the year. Schedules will be filling up fast. Today it reached the mid 70’s here in St. Louis and in a few more weeks we will start the first fertilizer application of the year. The first fertilizer application will […]

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Now is the time to schedule your landscaping

It looks like the weather is going be nice for the next few days here in St. Louis. Spring is right around the corner. Once spring hits everyone will begin to concentrate on their lawn and landscaping. We not only do lawn care, but we perform full service landscaping as well. If you are in […]

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2011 Has been one crazy winter in St. Louis

The snowfall this past year has been amazing. I heard on the news the other day that we have almost doubled the snowfall of last year. But, we are still going strong. Our fleet of five trucks are out clearing parking lots and sidewalks of snow all over St. Louis. We have used a bunch […]

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