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Don’t Wait! Get Your Free Commercial Snow Removal Estimate Now

St. Louis Lawn Care offers commercial snow removal and salt services for the St. Louis area. Our team of professionals are dedicated to safety and responsibility and aim to give our clients a piece of mind when it comes to snow removal. When winter storms hit, you need a snow removal service you can count […]

Easiest Plants to Care for During St. Louis High Heat Temps

In St. Louis, the summer months can bring hot and humid weather, which can be challenging for many plants and flowers. However, there are some hardy and drought-tolerant options that are relatively easy to care for during high heat conditions. Here are some suggestions: Remember to provide adequate water to newly planted flowers until they […]

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Wild Spring Weather in St. Louis

Every year in St. Louis the spring weather never ceases to amaze me. tadalafil bei prostatavergrosserung This year we received little rain in April and tons of rain in May. The spring weather affected the lawns in St. Louis in many ways. The little rain in April had the lawns looking like it was mid […]

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When is the best time to aerate my lawn and should I aerate and overseed my lawn in the spring?

I have been getting this question a lot in the past week, and the answer is….it depends. Aeration and overseeding should be performed during the growing season of the type of grass that is on your lawn. In St. Louis the growing season for fescue and bluegrass is the spring and fall. The growing season […]

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The weather is nice and the grass will start growing soon in St. Louis

This past week we have been putting down our first application of fertilizer for the year. The weather has been nice and the grass is starting to green up. If your lawn is not green it is probably in need of nutrients. All of our yards that received a fertilizing program from us last year […]

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Fertilizer is starting soon in St. Louis

Now that we are entering March it is time to start thinking about that first application of fertilizer. Spring fertilizer will help your lawn green up and start growing when the weather warms up. A fertilizer that contains pre emergent crabgrass control will help prevent crabgrass all year. Crabgrass seeds will lay on your lawn […]

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St. Louis Lawn Care Offers Free Advice on all Lawn Care Services

St. Louis Lawn Care offers free advice and estimates on all of our lawn care and landscaping services. Don’t ever feel bad about giving us a call here at St. Louis Lawn Care. We will be happy to answer the simplest lawn care question you have. If you ever have any questions about lawn care, […]

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Landscaping Service in St. Louis

In case you didn’t know, St. Louis Lawn Care, Inc. also offers landscaping services in St. Louis. We can design and construct a landscape project any time of the year. Now is the right time to get your landscape project started so it will be ready for your enjoyment in the spring. We have done […]

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