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Leaf Removal

St. Louis Lawn Care offers a fall leaf removal

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St. Louis Lawn Care offers a fall leaf removal

Leaves can be very damaging to a yard if they are left on the lawn all winter. The leaves will suffocate and hide the lawn from much needed air and sunlight. Leaf removal service by St. Louis Lawn Care includes removing all leaves from lawn areas, as well as landscaped areas. The leaves will either be mulched up or taken to the curb to be removed by leaf vacuuming service.

St. Louis Leaf Removal

Many municipalities in the St. Louis area offer a free leaf vacuuming service. These municipalities have trucks that drive around and vacuum leaves from the curb of properties. The only thing that you, the homeowner has to do is rake or blow your leaves to the curb.
Let St. Louis Lawn Care get your leaves to the curb for you. Our team will come to your home and use our blowers to move all your falls leaves a debris to the curb for pick up.
St. Louis Lawn Care uses the most efficient equipment to perform Fall leaf removals, yard clean-ups.
Below you will find information about the leaf vacuuming service from the different municipalities in the St. Louis area. This includes the leaf vacuuming schedule and other various items that they want you to know.

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