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Your lawn needs to be mowed all year long and having a strong lawn maintenance plan in place makes it easier to manage.

Lawn Mowing, Trimming, Edging and Blowing Service

Price starts at only $220/month during the mowing season

20 Years and Counting

St. Louis Lawn Care has been providing top-notch lawn care services for over 20 years. Our team started as a lawn mowing service and we still pride ourselves on being the best in the business.

Let us take care of your lawn and show you what a professional St. Louis lawn care company can do for you.

Lawn mowing is one of the most crucial parts of lawn care in St. Louis. It is a service that is required more frequently than any other lawn care service.

At St. Louis Lawn Care, we use the best mowers and sharpest blades to cut your grass. Our blades are sharpened on a regular schedule to ensure that your grass has a clean and even cut, without damaging any part of the lawn.

Proper mowing practices are essential for maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn. Well-maintained lawns have fewer weeds, better moisture tolerance, and an overall better appearance. With over 14 years of experience, St. Louis Lawn Care knows how to properly care for your lawn.

Our team will mow your lawn at the proper height for your type of grass. We understand that every lawn is different and requires specific care.

If you are looking for a reliable lawn care company in St. Louis, St. Louis Lawn Care is the company to call. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Lawn Mowing Services Near Me

St. Louis LawnCare has been a premier St. Louis lawn mowing business for more than 20 years and serves the entire greater St. Louis area.

  • Ballwin, MO
  • Brentwood, MO
  • Chesterfield, MO
  • Clayton, MO
  • Creve Coeur, MO
  • Crestwood, MO
  • Des Peres, MO
  • Ellisville, MO
  • Fenton, MO
  • Kirkwood, MO
  • Ladue,  MO
  • Manchester, MO
  • Maplewood, MO
  • Sunset Hills, MO
  • Town & Country, MO
  • University City, MO
  • Webster Groves, MO
  • Wildwood, MO

If you don’t see your area listed, let us know as we’re always expanding and can likely get you fit into our lawn mowing schedule.

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St. Louis Lawn Care

Specializes in residential and commercial lawn care and land maintenance. With over 20 years experience in the lawn care business in St. Louis you can be sure your lawn will look great.

St. Louis Lawn Care can have your lawn professionally striped like the outfield in Busch Stadium, or like a fairway on a nice golf course.
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