The lawns are turning green and bulbs are starting to pop out of the ground

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I can see the lawns around the St. Louis area starting to green up. This is a sign that we are starting lawn season. Before you know it the grass will be growing faster than you can mow it. Your landscaping will be blooming and it is important that you keep up with the maintenance on your landscaping or it will be out of control before you know it.

Also, now is the time to decide if you have any bare spots in your lawn that need seeding. While fall is the best time to seed a lawn, you are able to do it in the spring too

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Specializes in residential and commercial lawn care and land maintenance. With over 20 years experience in the lawn care business in St. Louis you can be sure your lawn will look great.

St. Louis Lawn Care can have your lawn professionally striped like the outfield in Busch Stadium, or like a fairway on a nice golf course.
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