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Lawn Mowing

Your lawn needs to be mowed all year long and having a strong lawn maintenance plan in place makes it easier to manage.
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Fertilizer Program

Our custom fertilizer program is more than a one size fits all, like most companies have to offer. Our program is customized to your lawn and the needs of your soil.
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Sod Installation St. Louis

Installing sod is a back breaking job, but its amazing how great your yard will look with a fresh coat of soft green grass.
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Snow Removal

Snow removal services involve plowing, shoveling, and salting to clear snow and ice from driveways, sidewalks, and other areas around a property.
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Mulch will freshen up and make your landscaped areas stand out from the rest of your lawn.
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Lawn aeration is the process of creating air channels in your lawn so that air can freely pass into the soil and circulate around the grass roots, improving the value of your landscaping and supporting annual over-seeding efforts.
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St. Louis Overseeding

Over-seeding is a key piece to achieving a beautiful lawn.
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Leaf Removal

St. Louis Lawn Care offers a fall leaf removal
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Mosquito and Bug Control

Our monthly applications help control fleas, flies, ticks, mites, mosquitoes, and more.
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St. Louis Lawn Care

Specializes in residential and commercial lawn care and land maintenance. With over 20 years experience in the lawn care business in St. Louis you can be sure your lawn will look great.

St. Louis Lawn Care can have your lawn professionally striped like the outfield in Busch Stadium, or like a fairway on a nice golf course.
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