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Don’t Wait! Get Your Free Commercial Snow Removal Estimate Now

St. Louis Lawn Care offers commercial snow removal and salt services for the St. Louis area. Our team of professionals are dedicated to safety and responsibility and aim to give our clients a piece of mind when it comes to snow removal. When winter storms hit, you need a snow removal service you can count […]

Easiest Plants to Care for During St. Louis High Heat Temps

In St. Louis, the summer months can bring hot and humid weather, which can be challenging for many plants and flowers. However, there are some hardy and drought-tolerant options that are relatively easy to care for during high heat conditions. Here are some suggestions: Remember to provide adequate water to newly planted flowers until they […]

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St. Louis Lawn Care Maintenance Schedule – Tall Fescue

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Best Watering Techniques for This Hot, St. Louis Weather

Water Long and Deep Have you ever noticed that your lawn looks the best after those long, all day St. Louis rains? And it keeps growing and is green for at least a week after. There is a reason for that. The water really drenches the soil and penetrates deep. A few days later when […]

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St. Louis Fertilizer

Fertilizers come in different forms, which is why having different methods of applying these nutrient-givers is also quite natural. Lawn owners can apply liquid fertilizers with a handheld hose-end sprayer. Dry fertilizers, on the other hand can be applied using the following 2 methods: Drop Fertilizer Spreader Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader Both of which can be […]

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Watch the Thatch

St. Louis residents know how difficult it is to maintain a lawn with the climate that they live through every year. Living in St. Louis means always experiencing temperature extremes—when describing the weather, sentences always start with “it’s too”, and end with “hot”, “cold”, “wet”, “humid”, etc. If you have a lawn in the St. […]

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Tips for Growing a Lawn from Grass Seed

Growing Grass from Seeds Seeding your lawn can be a tricky business. Everything is extra fragile once you’ve planted the seeds, and there are a multitude of possible factors and situations that could ruin all of your work as your grass grows and the seedlings develop into a lawn. This post aims to help you […]

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Having a picture perfect summer doesn’t just mean that the people in the picture have to be fit and wearing refreshing summer clothes; no, picture perfect means that every element of the image has to be in top shape. This means that when you want to take that ultimate family picture in front of your […]

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