St. Louis Leaf Removal – 2016

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The leaves are falling or getting ready to fall in St. Louis. And it is important get a St. Louis leaf removal job. It seems this year the leaves are holding on a little longer in years past. The weather has been rather warm and we have not had much rain or wind to knock the leaves off. But, don’t worry, they will fall.

Grass is still Growing

Since the weather has been so warm the grass is still growing at a reasonable rate in St. Louis. The lawns are still needing to be cut on a regular basis. A way to control the leaves that fall is to mulch up the leaves while you mow your lawn. Many lawn mowers have a mulching setting that allows you to do this. Here at St. Louis Lawn Care, we mulch up our customers leaves when we mow in the fall. We make the lawn look clean and well maintained.

Do Not Let the Leaves Kill Your Lawn

Be sure to get the leaves cleared from your lawn before winter hits. If you let the leaves stay on your grass for too long the leaves will suffocate the grass.

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