Monthly Lawn Care Membership

  • March- One spring clean up (Decorative grasses will be trimmed,  leaves will be cleaned up from flower beds, cleaned up from the yard and taken away.  Sticks will also be removed from property leaving your property free of any accumulation of winter debris).
  • April Through October- Weekly lawn mowing, trimming, blowing
  • November and December- One leaf removal in November and one in December (Leaves will be blown from flowerbeds, away from your house, cleaned up from your lawn).

The average cost of a spring cleanup and fall leaf removal is typically more than your monthly mowing payment – a great opportunity to save money on your yearly property maintenance.  

We will still use our prepaid monthly billing cycle for the monthly membership program. For those that just started working with Saint Louis Lawn Care, this means you will be asked to pay in full for the month of service instead of paying weekly.

Grass season runs from April through October. Any cuts needed before April will be a per cut charge. If the grass is still growing into November, the crews will run the routes and if the grass needs to be cut, THEY WILL CUT IT. If you DO NOT want us to cut your lawn after October, please let us know you want to pause mowing until the spring time.

The first bill will go out in the beginning of February and will be expected to be paid on or before February 20th for March’s spring clean up. April’s invoice for the first month of mowing will go out March 1st and will be due March 20th, and so fourth.
Your monthly rate is based on a four mow schedule. 

For your convenience, we will/can email your bill and you are able to pay through QuickBooks with a click of a button, or we offer auto pay. All auto pay customer’s accounts will be ran on or around the 15th of each month.

What if the yard does not need mowing?
Very rarely does grass not need to be mowed during the growing season. Sometimes in the spring, we need to mow over a yard 2-3 times because of the rapid growth of the grass. When the grass slows down during the summer, we will make sure it stays at a proper height. We will continue to make sure everything gets trimmed, blown off and leave your lawn looking neat.

What if we miss a cut?
If we miss a cut and it is our fault, we will credit your account. If we have to skip your lawn due to work being done at your home, in the yard, or things beyond our control, we will do our best to get it cut at a later date.
If the customer wants us to skip that week, you will not receive a credit.

What if the customer misses payment on the first?
If the customer misses the due date, services will not be performed until we receive payment. Once payment is received, the property will be added back to the list. The customer will pick up where we are in the month if payment is delinquent. For instance, if the customer does not pay until the second week into the month of mowing season, we will not make up the previous week of mowing.

Thank you again! We take a lot of pride in what we do, and could not do it without your support.


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