Got Grubs?

You may begin to see signs of grub damage in the early spring and can be heavily noticeable in the summer. If you have noticed dead patches in your yard, or animals such as skunks, birds, and raccoons digging up your yard, you may have a grub problem.

The easiest way to check for grubs is by taking a shovel and peeling back a square foot area of green grass in different areas around your yard. If you see six (or more) grubs, you should definitely be giving St. Louis Lawn Care a call.

St. Louis Lawn Care offers a 7-Step Fertilizer Program. During the respected time of the year, we will come to your property and apply pre emergent, weed spray, grub control, fertilizer, and winterizer. If you wish to join this program, you would start on the step we are currently applying.

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