Crazy spring weather in St. Louis

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WOW, I cannot believe it has been over two months since I last updated this. This spring has been one crazy season. It seemed like it rained almost every day. Hope you were able to keep up on your lawn mowing and fertilizer programs.

All of this rain can wreak havoc on lawns in St. Louis. If you lawn does not have time to dry out fungus can take over. It would be best to get an application of fungicide down on your lawn before the fungus has a chance to take over.

Your watering system should still be turned off. There is no need to water yet this year. Watering at this time of year while we have all of this rain will only lead to fungus and disease.

This crazy spring in St. Louis has the grass growing like crazy. Remember to try to keep up with the mowing. Your lawn should be mowed so that no more than 1/3rd of the grass blade is cut at a time. This may be once a week, or you may need to cut your lawn more than that. Remember to try to make sure it is dry when you cut your lawn. Mowing a wet lawn can lead to disease and fungus.

The lawns that were aerated and overseeded last fall look great. All of this moisture has really helped the grass germinate. The seed has come in green and thick. We have a yard in South St. Louis city that was patchy, thin and full of weeds when we took it over last year, but it is now lush and green due to the aeration and overseeding done last fall. I know it is hard to pay for something that has no immediate visual impact, but now is the time that the aeration and overseed is paying off.

By now your lawn should have two fertilizer applications that contain a pre emergent crabgrass control, and one or two broadleaf weed sprays. St. Louis Lawn Care offers a great weed control and fertilizer program. If you applied a good fertilizer and weed control your lawn should be green and thriving.

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