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July 20, 2012



It has been a while since I have posted, and WOW is all I can say about this summer.† The extreme heat and drought is killing this grass.† The only remedy for your lawn right now is water.† Good, deep, waterings.†


Everywhere I look this year I see brown and yellow grass.† It is hot and this weather really stresses the grass out.† Many lawns are going dormant, and some are even dead.† There is not much you can do to a lawn in the middle of this harsh St. Louis summer.† But you can water.†


I will tell you what I have been doing this summer.† I have been watering my lawn once a week on Sundays.† I have an oscillating sprinkler and leave it on my yard from 5-8 hours.† Give my lawn a good soak.† My lawn has responded very well.† It is bright green and very healthy.†


What the deep watering does is soak the soil multiple inches deep.† This forces the roots to search for the water.† If you water your lawn lightly, multiple times per week the roots will not have to search for water and the roots will stay towards the surface, creating grass that is more susceptible to the heat.† The deep roots are cooler and this will prevent the heat from damaging your lawn.† It also keeps the surface area of your lawn dry most of the time, cutting down the chance of fungus and disease.


If you ever have any questions about your lawn and the St. Louis area.† Please do not hesitate to call me.† I would be happy to answer any lawn questions you have.

July 28, 2012

Bug Spraying for Lawns


St. Louis Lawn Care is offering a new service this year.† We are spraying for bugs in the lawn.† This will keep away many common types of bugs that live in your lawn.† Some of the main bugs that this spray will prevent from invading your lawn are:† Mosquitos, ticks, flies, chiggers, ants, fleas, spiders, beetles, and many other common bugs.


This bug spray is most effective when done once a month.† We have had many positive reviews from customers that receive this service this year.† They have noticed a huge decrease in pesky bugs when outside enjoying their lawn.†


We would be happy to add your lawn to the service.† Please do not hesitate to give me a call if you have any questions.†

August 8, 2012

Aeration and Overseeding Time is Almost Upon Us


Now is the time to start thinking about fall lawn care and preparing your lawn for next season. Aeration and overseeding is a key part of lawn maintenance.††


St. Louis saw record breaking heat all summer and lawns are struggling to survive.† Aeration and overseeding in the fall will bring back your lawn and thicken up your lawn and replace any grass that may have died.†


Other services you may want to consider are power raking and topdressing.†


Power raking will remove some of the thatch and allow the seed to make better contact with your soil.† Thatch will build up over time and can cause fungus and disease problems to your lawn.


Topdressing your lawn with compost after aerating will further reduce compaction, add organic matter to your soil, and improve the micro organism activity in your soil.† Topdressing your soil will greatly improve the way your soil processes nutrients and give your lawn a deeper green look.†


If I were to recommend one thing to do to your lawn every year in St. Louis, it would be to aerate and overseed in the fall.† Grass has a life cycle and needs to be replenished with new seed.†

January 5, 2013

Winter is half over, do you have a snow removal company


So far this winter in St. Louis has been mild much like last year.†† But, as you know this weather can turn to freezing and snow at anytime.† Be sure that you are prepared to have your parking lot cleared when it does snow.†


I noticed during the few snows we have had this year that our competitors trucks were out salting properties that did not need to be salted.† A lot of the snow was melting as it fell and the snow on the pavement was almost non existent.††† We at St. Louis Lawn Care only service your property if it needs it.† This will save you from having unnecessary salt damaging your parking lots and saving the floors of your property from that film that the salt creates.†††


St. Louis Lawn Care has a fleet of trucks that are loaded for commercial snow removal.† We can handle any sized parking lots.† Donít loose customers due to unplowed parking lots and unsalted sidewalks.† Our full service snow and ice removal service is top notch and we do our best to clear the snow from your property as quickly as possible.


We are happy to give you free estimates and talk about our program we will set up for you for snow removal.†† Every snow is different so we want to work with you and make sure you get the service you need.†

January 10, 2013

This rain reminds me of spring


This rain along with the warm weather will have this grass growing in no time.† When the St. Louis weather turns cold most lawns go dormant.† But, this winter has been very mild and some lawns are looking a little shaggy.† If you notice your lawn is growing and needs to be cut, go ahead and mow it.† Be sure to cut your lawn when it is dry and free of frost.†


Mowing your lawn when it continues to grow in the winter will improve air circulation at the stem of the grass and prevent future fungus and disease problems.† Letting your lawn grown too high, for too long will suffocate it and not allow proper water and air uptake.†


Also remember that even though you lawn is not growing during the winter it still needs water.†† This rain will help your lawn continue to thrive throughout the winter.†


Donít forget spring is just around the corner and it will be here before you know it.† So if you don't have a lawn care plan in place now is the time to get one.† If it is warm enough, fertilizers will start being applied next month

January 20, 2013

We offer commercial lawn equipment rental in St. Louis


St. Louis Lawn Care now offers commercial lawn care equipment rental.†


Our inventory of equipment is available for rent.† We carry only the best commercial lawn mowers, trimmers, blowers and much more.


If you are a lawn service that has a mower go down and you are looking to rent a commercial lawn mower give us a call.† We maintain our mowers and equipment so they will always run like they are intended too.†


We know how frustrating it can be to have one of your lawn mowers break down.† We have been in business for a long time and would love to be able to help you keep your lawn service running.† Our rental program is easy to work with and we will be as helpful as we can to get you back to work while your commercial lawn mower is down.†

January 28, 2013

The Role Lawn Care and Landscaping in St Louis Plays in the Value of Your Home

When deciding to hire a lawn care and landscaping service in St Louis most people donít consider the value that regular weekly or monthly service adds to both an individual home and the neighborhood as a whole. Even when disregarding the subjective added value that maintenance service adds, such as the first impression of an appraiser, the general upkeep of your yard for the neighbor who is attempting to sell his house at a premium - adding to the value of the homes around it, and the deterrence of crime with well placed landscape lighting, studies have shown that the professional maintenance of a lawn and landscape increases the value of a home.

In addition to a well-maintained lawn, when considering to add landscaping to increase the value of your home consider things like a stone or paver path and walkway, welcoming social areas, properly trimmed hedges, ornamental trees and shrubs, and colorful flower beds.

MSN Real Estate states that ďgood landscaping can provide more bang for your buck than almost any other home improvement -- provided itís done right.Ē As the warm months arrive donít wait to invest in your lawn and landscape, it may be the deciding factor down the road whether you sell your house for your desired price.   

March 3, 2013

Lawn Season is upon us


Now is the time to start thinking about that first fertilizer application of the year for your lawn.† Even though there is rain and snow in the forecast here in St. Louis, the weather is still going to be warm later in the week.†


The first fertilizer application that you put down should contain a pre emergent crabgrass control.† It is very important that you get the first fertilizer application down before the crabgrass starts to germinate.


Our fertilizer program is a four step program.† We fertilize the grass during the growing season in St. Louis.† Typically the growing season is Spring and fall in the St. Louis area.† We perform two fertilizer applications in the spring and two fertilizer applications in the fall.† We do not fertilize during the hot summers in St. Louis.† Fertilizing during the summer can damage the lawn and force it to grow when it should be dormant


If you have any questions about our fertilizing programs here at St. Louis Lawn Care, please feel free to give us a call

March 18, 2013

You still have time to apply pre emergent fertilizer


It is the time of year that you should be applying pre emergent fertilizer on your lawn.† The pre emergent will prevent crabgrass from germinating.† Typically the crabgrass germinates when the weather starts to warm up, but since it has been so cold this year in St. Louis, the crabgrass has not had a change to germinate.† This gives you plenty of time to get the fertilizer with pre emergent down.


Temperatures in St. Louis are still dropping into the 20ís at night and keeping the grass dormant, but be ready to start mowing once this weather warms up a little bit.† The grass will take off from all of this rain and snow we have been getting.† Remember to mow your lawn regularly with sharp blades when it does start to grow.

March 30, 2013

Happy Easter From St. Louis Lawn Care


Easter is here and it still feels like we are in winter in St. Louis.† Snow is still in piles from last weeks snow storm, which happened to be the biggest one day snowfall in St. Louis in March.†


The funny thing is that once the snow melted my grass took off.† Donít forget that even though the weather is cold, that grass is still growing and it will still need to be mowed.† Remember not to let your lawn get too high before you mow it.† The ideal cut is to take less than a third of the grass blade off on each cut.†


Also don't forget about pre emergent fertilizer application.† There is still time to get it down.

April 9, 2013

The grass is growing and we are ready to start mowing


Right now in St. Louis the grass is really starting to take off.† It is very important to remember not to let your grass get too high before you mow it for the first time.† Lawn mowing should be done when you are taking no more than 1/3 of the blade of the grass off when you mow.† So if you would like to mow your lawn at 3 inches, try not to let your lawn reach a height higher than 4.25 inches.


We offer the professional lawn mowing in St. Louis.† Our company takes pride in every lawn we mow.† We only mow your lawn with the best equipment and the sharpest blades.† Our lawn mower blades are sharpened every day to give the cleanest cut possible.†


If you ever need a free estimate for lawn mowing services in the St. Louis area.† Give us a call at anytime.† We would be happy to mow your lawn.

June 4, 2013

Spring recap in St. Louis 2013


So it has been a couple months since I last wrote anything and this spring has been a wet one.† As I write this we are way above average on rainfall this year in St. Louis.† It seems like it has been raining every other day.† The rivers are busting out of their banks and the ground is saturated.


What this means for your lawn:


The grass is growing extremely fast and it is probably very difficult keeping it cut between rains, but it is very important that the grass gets mowed before it gets out of hand.† Cutting too much off a lawn can damage it and cause disease and fungus problems.†


The soil is so saturated that the surface cannot dry out.† This can also cause disease and fungus problems.† There is no need to water yet this year.† The rain has provided more than enough water for your lawn.† I have seen some places watering and this over watering can drown your grass, wash nutrients away and cause disease in your lawn.†


All of this rain has probably washed a lot of nutrients out of the soil.† So testing your soil would be a good idea and you may want to consider adding any missing nutrients back to the soil.†


Weeds are exploding right now and there is still time to get those under control.† Using a selective herbicide will kill the weeds and not the grass.†


If you have some bare patches in your lawn there is still time to seed.† The cool temperatures has made seeding difficult early in the spring.† The ground is still ripe for seeding

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June 29, 2013

This year fungus is everywhere


We have had a very long growing season this year in St. Louis.† All of this rain and cool weather has kept the soil very moist.


When the soil does not have time to dry out during the growing season, fungus can breed in your lawn.† We have had so much rain that watering systems have been unnecessary so far this year in St. Louis.† Watering your lawn would cause so much more damage